Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · Swim Practice 8/5

We are now in Phase 1.5 – What does that mean?  15 swimmers per coach, and equipment used within that same group only.

Group 1 2:00 – 4:00 Rock Hill Aquatic Center

Nick Anderson
Colin Barber
Wyatt Barnes
Jeantoine Dervil
Norris Williams
Grant Sorrells (Gone this week)
Riley Hoofnagle
Amelia Pach
Samuel Pach
Christian Russell

RAYS – Stay with your RAYS practices until August 17th

Lexi Atkinson
Emilee Atkinson
Wylie Bailey
Casten Hoerschgens-Ham
Mathias Hoerschgens-Ham
Christian Smrekar
Chloe Miller

Swim Team protocol

Please turn in all documentation into Planet High School

Swimmers will be placed into a specific group.  The number of groups we have may change, but the people in the group will not.  We will post groups on the website (  If # of groups change, times might also change.  Thank you for being flexible.  We will also use remind to relay information.  Text – 81010 with the message @trojanswim

RAYS Swimmers will continue to swim with their RAYS program and RAYS coaches which will allow less cross contamination.  We will continue to monitor this as we want to make sure that swimmers are feeling connected as a team.  Zooms and Dryland will continue, if nothing else, to allow for us to communicate with each other!  And laugh with each other!

As swimmers become eligible, our group # will grow but each group will only have 9 swimmers. These swimmers will be the only swimmers allowed in the group.  At this time, these groups are permanent until we are told otherwise.

Swimmers will enter the aquatic center at 2:00.  They need to wear a mask and stand 6 feet apart.  There will be a table set up, and while they maintain 6 feet apart, they will step up to the table to get their temperature scanned and asked a series of questions by the coach.  Please know, at this time, some students might be turned away from practice bases upon the answer to the question.  For younger swimmers, parents, please have a way to be in contact with your swimmer.  Parents, it is very important to be honest and open with your kids about your exposure and your health. If you think you don’t feel well, we need to know that too.

If your swimmer has a pre-existing condition, they will need to have a separate form of documentation from their doctor stating that the doctor gives them permission to participate. (ASTHMA, diabetes, sickle-cell, MS, etc…)

As swimmers pass the temperature station, they will proceed to the left and enter the side door to the pool.  There are no locker rooms available to change or congregate.  Swimmers are to arrive in their mask and swimsuit.  As swimmers enter the pool, they are to report to the pool deck and remain 6 feet apart.  (They will place their bag on the wall closest to the classroom, essentially while at the wall, be at a lane)  While there swimmers will gather their goggles, cap, zip lock bag with name, water bottle, and stretch until the coach is ready to begin.

It is imperative that swimmers follow protocol.

During practice, any time we get out of the pool to go over a set, swimmers will have to put on their masks.  So the mask will stay in the zip lock bag with name, to ensure easy and quick access at all times.

When time to leave, swimmers will gather all belongings and exit the pool from the “block” side of the aquatic center.  All swimmers need to park in the main lot.  All swimmers need to report to their car immediately after they are dismissed.

Swimmers will have access to a bathroom, but they are not to use the bathroom as a locker room.

What you need to attend practice:

All documents in Planet high School, goggles, suit, towel, water bottle, mask, zip lock bag with name, park in the main lot please!